Pork Butt Marinade

Pork Butt Marinade

This meat is almost as tender as the money muscle and since it is right next to the bone, its packed with flavor. Great recipe, did it in the oven, not the bbq and it was still amazing Dec 17, 5.

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You can purchase it at any Bass Pro Shop. Maple-Garlic Marinated Pork Tender It was a brine and not a marinade that I was thinking of. May have to give it a whirl.

Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Injection Marinade

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Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork butt marinade

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Pork Butt Marinade
Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Marinade
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Mojo-Marinated Pork Shoulder

Pork Butt Marinade
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Pork Butt Marinade
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