Dick Tracy Villains

Dick Tracy Villains

Accidentally shot her own gang member in a fight between Bates and Dick Tracy; later arrested. When questioned by Tracy, he hires several men to kill him. Heavily fortified, Cutie had been hiding out there for years. Story of theatrical troupe that travels through the Old West. Audible Download Audio Books.

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It's enough to trick the police into shooting Doolb so Trohs can become the new gang leader of a gang of bank robber. He even had a hideout in a cave guarded by two wildcats.

Dick Tracy Villains
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First Appearance of Villains (A-L)

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Dick Tracy Villains
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Dick Tracy Villains
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Dick Tracy Villains
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Dick Tracy Villains
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Itchy (Dick Tracy)

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Dick Tracy Villains
Dick Tracy Villains
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Dick Tracy Villains
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The Dick Tracy Show

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Dick Tracy Villains
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Dick Tracy Villains
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Dick Tracy Villains
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Dick Tracy Villains
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