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I think you should tell this girl everything you said here. Be honest and tell her you really like her, and you want to be friends, and hopefully something will blossom from it.
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I've read a lot of info about narcisist abusers and I've been abused in several relationships in the past. Mainly, I was taken advantage of, cheated on, degraded by my past BF's.
Carulla at 01.01.2018 at 13:09
Sounds similar to me, I know he was playing games in the beginning, he admitted that. The whole "treat them mean, keep them keen" theory. I didn't fall for it because i'm not stupid. He's only 19 so I can read him like a book sometimes I just played dirty aswell and it worked in my favour. He was always like "you're not like the other girls, my mind games didn't really work on you, I think that's why i fell for you so much blah blah blah" HA!
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